Thursday, 9 February 2012

And Then I Had No Addons

After what I would describe as a clusterfuck of a patch last week, whether Blizzards fault or my own I'm honestly not sure which, I was unable to play WoW for a week or so.
During this week, I played Minecraft, played the TCG with Annine and got back in to miniature wargaming.

Once I got back on to WoW (aka the past 24 hours) I completely forgot about updating Addons before tanking an HoT dungeon.
Now, not that these things are hard, but when you don't have any addons telling you anything, I noticed it gets a bit trickier.

I had no Omen, no Recount, no DBM and no Random Mount. I wasn't sure if what I was attacking was attacking me back, whether or not my damage would be acceptable (even though I know I always destroy everyone else in DPS), or when something I had to look out for was going to happen.

In a heroic like End Times, it doesn't matter too much. Everything's really simple and spread out and hardly even appears like a heroic dungeon at all (I'll bitch about those sometime later). But if I were in something like ZG or ZA, or even in BWD? Then I'd have a bit of a problem.
For instance last night, in BWD.
I didn't know when mangle was about to occur, so I had no time to pop some defensive Cooldowns without having someone else yell out at me "OH MY GOD HE'S GONNA EAT YOU IN LIKE FIVE SECONDS IF YOU DIE I SWEAR I WILL CASTRATE YOU!"*
I didn't know when Pillar of Flame was going to pop and couldn't tell our little ranged kids to run away from it beforehand, I felt utterly powerless and unable to help much with the group, aside from not dying which I'm rather proficient at.

So if you're going to be raiding with your guild, or even going in to a dungeon, what addons would you need? Well, these were pretty much covered in my last article.
These are the bare minimum of what you should be running while in a raid. Some people will say that if you don't have Grid or Raid Frames (if that one's still around, not sure tbh) then you're doing it wrong.
That's cool too, but eh.
Those three addons will not only make staying alive in a raid easier, but also make you more useful to the group as a whole. You know the best time to pop your CD's, because you can see the timer counting down until a big burst damage phase. You know when to hit an anti-threat button because Omen is telling you you've pulled aggro from something.

Although if you're a Mage or a Hunter, or any other class with a few forms of CC under their belt, I would recommend OmniCC. This handy little doodad places a timer up so you know when your CC abilities are about to expire so you can refresh them before it starts wailing on your healers.

So, let's see who's actually reading this.
What would you say is the most useful addon for raiding?

*Not actual conversation.


  1. Dbm.. And I out dps u all the time... Cause I'm epic

  2. everyone knows that GTFO is the best addon ever.